Our musical guests ~ national and local
With the move, we got a little behind in updating this section... here are some highlights! 

Some of our missing photos included evenings with:

           the Riverside     *      the Rough & Tumble     *     Amy Englehardt    *    Cristina Vane

  Brad Byrd    *    Ben Bedford     *     Michelle Lewis     *     Chad Elliott & Ryne Doughty    *  J.E. Sunde   

    Korby Lenker     *    CHRISTIAN LOPEZ   *    Jordan Danielson & Jeff Spradley   *  Society of Broken Souls

Tony Lucca w/Tom Mackell & David Paul Lee Schroeder   *    Brother Trucker    and    The Copper Smoke Trials

Maria & Georgia

Two of our favorite gals from Todos Santos, Baja, last year, came up for a terrific set! Georgia English (Nasvhille) and Maria Carrelli (Ohio).


We are always thrilled when Jay returns, even for a small summer set! August 10th.

Copper Smoke Trials

at Anize's with Miss Christine on July 4th

Miss Christine

Miss Christine of Iowa via Nashville


Zane Carney sped on over for a quick show while on tour with Johnny Lang


At Janna's


June 16th at Janna's

Mel Parsons

New Zealand's every so lovely Mel Parson's in CF on June 2, 2018

Bradford Loomis

May 19, 2018 the very talented and so humble Bradford Loomis returned to Iowa.

Ira Wolf

w/ Dave Tamkin

Dave Tamkin

with Ira Wolf

Ryne Doughty

Iowa's own very talented Ryne Doughty treated us to great music on April 27th 2018

Christian Lopez

Saturday April 21st, Christian Lopez with Jason Navo & Cameron McClaren

Austin Miller

March 15th we had a very intimate winter in spring set with Austin Miller from FL. Welcome to snow.

Copper Smoke Trials

March 31st at Janna's the Copper Smoke Trials got everyone dancing!

Ira Wolf

Ira Wolf, joined by Wes Kirkpatrick - what a fun, quirky, lovely night of amazing music! So much talent in one room!

Wes Kirkpatrick

Another great - joined by Ira Wolf. Fun, quirky and just lovely music all night!

Andrew Leahey

The very talented and super human being, Andrew Leahey, played for us on his way to WI in February during a mini ice storm. We even had a guest from Canada for this special set!

Adam Levy

Adam Levy (the Honeydogs) stopped by en route to the Windy City and performed in February, what a great night!

Nashville's psychedelic awesomeness - the JAG - who we also met in Todos Santos in January, brought their amazing music to cohost Anize's in Buckingham! 2017

Nashville's psychedelic awesomeness - the JAG - brought their amazing music to cohost Anize's in Buckingham! 2017

Matt Haeck

Matt Haeck, who we met in Todos Santos last January - April 2017

Lewis Knudsen with Nate Gordon

Frances Luke Accord out of Chicago

Dylan Sires with guest

Dylan Sires with guest January 2017

Tony Lucca (2016)

We just adore Tony Lucca, and were thrilled when he said he was passing through again! And with Alex Dezen and Christian Lopez along for the ride!

Alex Dezen (2016)

Alex Dezen is another of our all time faves - so happy we got to host him yet again!

Christian Lopez (2016)

Christian Lopez (2016) This young guy is pure talent and showmanship! What fun we had with him.

Mike Dunn joined in on the fun with Christian, Tony & Alex. Mike, we need you to come back again!

the beautiful Sofia Talvik from Sweden with the voice of an angel.

Tommy Stinson f/Chip Roberts

(photo credit : Devin Ferguson) We had an amazing pop-up show with none other than the Tommy Stinson! What a thrill!

Chip Roberts

(photo credit : Devin Ferguson) Tommy Stinson brought along the incredibly talented Chip Roberts for his pop-up show at Cedar Valley House Concerts - man, so amazing!

the Valley's every so talented Graham Howland also opened for Tommy!

The powerful voice and wonderful music of Iowa local Audrey Robinson opened for Tommy & friends

Anthony D'Amato

As longtime fans we were so excited to host Anthony D'Amato on June 25th ~ be sure to pick up his 2016 release, COLD SNAP, here: http://www.anthonydamatomusic.com/

the Cordovas 6/23/16

Jon Loyd and Graham Stilman joined Joe Firstman & Lucca Soria for another show with us, full band, in the courtyard: the amazing Cordovas!

Ari Hest 4/29/16

Ari Hest returened to the Cedar Valley for his 4th show with us! We were beyond thrilled, to say the least, and had a SOLD OUT night!

Brett Newski's 2nd visit with us - love this kid!

Alex Dezen

4/24/16 we finally nabbed Alex and got him to play a show, and he brought the lovely Amber with him! Thank you!!

Andy Fleming & the Sweet Nothings

Brett Newski Feb 28, 201

Emily Mollman of Kitsch 2/28/16

Communist Daughter for their second appearance at CVHC - Feb 19, 29016

Jay Nash 12/3/15

This was Jay's 3rd visit to CVHC & we love him! Missed Josh this time, but we used our imaginations

Chad Elliott 11/13/15

Iowa's own musician and artist, Chad Elliott 11/13/15

KOZM 2015

aMazing duo ~ KOZM (2015)

Matt Pond & Chris 2015

I'm partial, Matt's one of my favorite artists of all time ~ Check more from Matt Pond PA & Chris Hansen out here: http://the-lowlifes.com/

Michelle Lewis

The lovely Michelle Lewis played in our newest hosts' wonderful back yard, bonfires and all, on a chilly fall evening.

Chasing Lovely

Friday, July 17th, 2015 - Chasing Lovely came back for their second show of the 2015 season! Be sure to pick up their newest EP - Unbridled

Joe Firstman

July 15, 2015

Joe Firstman w/Lucca Soria

July 15, 2015

Lucca Soria

talented new artist Lucca Soria w/Joe Firstman, July 15, 2015

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband

Amazing fun with the Blackberry Bushes Stringband July 12, 2015 (watch for their return this October!)

KaiL Baxley

KaiL Baxley w/Aodhan O'Reilly, July 1, 2015. We were blown away by that voice!

Aodhan O'Reilly

Aodhan O'Reilly with KaiL Baxley, July 1, 2015

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor @ Janna's June 2, 2015

Joe Firstman

Mr. Joe Firstman: May 22nd @ co-host Kelly's

Tom Brosseau ft. Andru Bemis

Tom Brosseau ft. Andru Bemis: May 22nd, 2015 @ Kelly's http://www.andrubemis.com/

Jon Nicholson

Jon Nicholson of El Camino, May 22nd @ Kelly's

David Berkely & Bill Titus 2015

David Berkeley & Bill Titus 2015

David Berkeley 2015

David Berkeley April 30, 2015 @ Darice's

Mikey Wax

Mikey Wax, April 24, 2015 with Shane Consadine & Nate

Alexis Keegan

Alexis Keegan April 24th, 2015

Chasing Lovely

Chasing Lovely, March 14th

Johnny & Mollly

February 26, 2015 - Communist Daughter

Communist Daughter

Communist Daughter out of MN

new up & coming artist Natascha Meyers - watch for more great things from this young artist from Iowa, now in Nashville.

The Comfort Kings

We were honored to host the Comfort Kings for their final official show together. Keep an ear out for some other projects from these talented peeps!

the Comfort Kings

We were honored to host the Comfort Kings' last official show - keep an ear out for some new projects from these talented peeps!

The Comfort Kings f. Josh Nelson

Josh joined the Comfort Kings to share his amazing talents for their final show together

Matthew Mayfield

So talented: Mr. Matthew Mayfield joined Garrison Starr for an amazing set: Nov 16, 2014

the Silent War

Nov 16, 2014 - Garrison Starr & AG

Matthew Mayfield & the Silent War

Nov 16, 2014

The Contenders

Jay Nash & Josh Day October 28, 2014

Danika Holmes & Jeb Hart

Danike Holmes & Jeb Hart: October 14, 2014

Daphne Willis

Daphne Willis: April 18, 2014

Austin Miller

Austin Miller - April 5, 2014

Jay Nash

The amazing Jay Nash ~ March 26, 2014

Dylan Sires

the Valley's own Dylan Sires ~ March 21st

The OK Factor

the OK Factor March 8, 2014


<3 these guys! Tony Lucca, Stephen Bentz & Mic (formerly of the Benjy David Project) ~ November 15, 2013

Tom Brosseau & Sean Watkins

October 14, 2013 Tom Brosseau's 2nd visit here, this time with Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek), what a great time!

david berkeley

Sept 5, 2013 ~ We can't say enough about David Berkeley's amazing voice. Beautifully gifted talent!

Milk & Eggs

Milk & Eggs (Jordan): 9/22/13

Mikey Wax 2013

Mikey Wax in the Courtyard 8/5/13. We hope to have him again soon.

Adam Faucett 2013

Adam Faucett ~ May 10th, 2013

adam levy 2013

el un amigo! the Adam Levy! (2013)

dawn mitschele 2013

The lovely Dawn Mitschele w/ Xoe Wise April 5, 2013

xoe wise 2013

Xoe Wise with Dawn Mitschele April 5, 2013

amber rubarth,dave eggar&MaxZT 2012

amber rubarth,dave eggar&MaxZT 2012

har-di-har 2013

har-di-har 2013

comfort kings 2013

The Valley's own Comfort Kings 2013

comfort kings 2013

The Valley's own Comfort Kings 2013

lucywainwrightroche&suzzyroche 2012

lucy wainwright roche & suzzyroche 2012 - heck yes!

lucy wainwright roche 2012

lucy wainwright roche 2012

mikey wax 2012

mikey wax 2012

the hollands 2012

the hollands 2012

ellen cherry 2012

ellen cherry 2012

the milk carton kids 2011

the milk carton kids! in the house! 2011

tom brousseau 2011

tom brousseau 2011

ernie halter 2011

ernie halter 2011

ernie halter 2011

ernie halter 2011

ari hest 2011

ari hest 2011 We can never get enought of him

ari hest & doug yowell 2011

ari hest & doug yowell 2011

doug yowell (w/ari hest) 2011

doug yowell (w/ari hest) 2011

tony lucca 2010

tony lucca 2010

ernie halter and tony lucca 2010

ernie halter and tony lucca 2010

Alexis Babini (2010)

Alexis Babini (2010)

trent hancock 2010

trent hancock 2010

ari and friends 2010

Air Hest with doug yowell, rob calder, declan o'rourke, and thad debrock - another great show!

declan o'rourke 2010

Ireland's amazing Declan O'rourke 2010

ari and friends 2010

ari and friends 2010

riverside occurence 2010

locals, riverside occurence 2010

riverside occurence 2010

locals, riverside occurence 2010

amber rubarth 2009

the lovely amber rubarth 2009

bruce day, eli kilburg&nicholi 2009

bruce day, eli kilburg & nicholi 2009

paige 2009

paige 2009

ari & young fans 2009

ari & young fans 2009

eliot morris and jon black 2008

eliot morris and jon black 2008 - the two who started it all! Jon Black on fb: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jon-Black/24748503337